WhatsApp Latest News Update: WhatsApp Released The Most Awesome Feature

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WhatsApp Latest News Update

WhatsApp has released the most amazing feature ever, all these features will be available… (WhatsApp Latest News Update): A good news is coming for WhatsApp users. The Communities feature has been rolled out on WhatsApp. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced this. These features have been rolled out globally from today. However, it may take some time for everyone to get this feature.

WhatsApp Latest News Update
WhatsApp Latest News Update

The company announced earlier this year about the Communities feature of WhatsApp. The company was testing it in several zones. A tremendous feature has also surfaced in this. With this feature, users will be able to connect in groups. This is a group within a group. That is, in the group, you can send a message to the selected people by creating a sub-group. With the WhatsApp Communities feature, the company will target parents in the neighborhood, school and workplace. Users will be able to connect in multiple groups even in a large group. The company is working in 15 countries with more than 50 organizations for this.

How to use Community?

We will tell you through this post that to use this feature, users can click on the Communities tab at the top of the chat in Android mobile while in iOS at the bottom. From there, users can start the community from a new group or a previously added group. In the community, users can easily switch to the group as well. Admin can send necessary information to all the members of the community.

The company has claimed that with this, users will get high-level security and privacy. With this feature, the user will not need to create separate groups nor send a message to different groups. The company has also said that it will continue to use end-to-end encryption.

With this, the company will not even have access to the data of the users. Apart from Communities, the company has also released three more new features. Now users can join video calls with up to 32-people. Apart from this, the group size has also been increased from 512 members to 1024. In-chat polls can also be organized in WhatsApp Grur. With this group members can cast their vote on any issue.

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